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alarmToday - Crea e gestisci la sveglia con questa applicazione

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alarmToday is an application that allows users to control every alarms on their Pocket PCs and Windows Mobile Devices right from the “Today Screen.” Using the application, you are provided with a clear overview of your alarms which makes viewing, deleting, changing and creating new alarms easier than ever.
You can create powerful repeated alarms, helping you wake up for work on time. You can also customize it by setting your alarm to play your favorite music. Several music file formats such as OGG, MP3, WMA and REALPLAYER are supported.
The override system sound and repeated vibrating alarms ensure no alarms go unnoticed, but you can also one-click to mute when you are not in the mood to wake up, though we would advise against it. Additionally, the application also comes with a “mute mode,” so you are not disturbed if you are in an important meeting.
Different applications and documents can also be opened by alarmToday, as it directly interfaces with Agenda Fusion, Outlook and Pocket Informant. The application also allows you to customize sounds so you can set alarms per priority, task or appointment.
The user interface is multi-lingual, allowing you to switch to languages including Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian, and German among several others. On the whole, alarmToday is definitely an application you should consider using for effective creating and management of your alarms.


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